Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Perfect Pale Pink

I've been trying to find a pale pink lip combination for a while now and all the lipstick and lipgloss combos I've tried never seem to do the trick. Some are too nude. Some have to much glitter. Whatever the case made be, I found it impossible to find the perfect shade I was looking for. After giving up I just happen to go into a store (I can't remember the name of it.) while I was in Houston, and I only went in because I saw they sold NYX products. Where I'm from there are no NYX products in sight. My best bet would be to order them online but I rarely like to do that with makeup because you can't really tell what the products looks, feels, or will be like unless you actually test it out in person. Anyway, getting back on track, I was just looking at the products when I found the PERFECT pair. It's the NYX lipstick in Marrakesh Pink and the NYX lipgloss in Nude Pink. The lipstick is a matte color which means it has no shine, no glitter, etc. It's just the solid color and the its is buildable which is perfect. The lipgloss color is exactly like the name--Nude Pink. It has a really good smell the downfall to the lipgloss is that it is a bit sticky but not too sticky. What's your perfect pale pink combo?
xoxo -Urssula
NYX Lipstick LSS594A "Marrakesh Pink"
NYX Lipgloss LG164 "Nude Pink"



Picture Illustrations
1. Bare lips-nothing on them
2. Lips with ONE coat of Marrakesh Pink
3. Lips with TWO coats of Marrakesh Pink
4. Lips with two coats of Marrakesh Pink AND Nude Pink




  1. such a beautiful shade!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. Pretty shade
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