Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall into fall!

So, I know what you all are thinking, "Fall?? Why is she talking about fall?" Yes, it is a bit early to be talking about fall but it's not too early. Fall is a little less than a month away and I don't know about you guys but I'm SO ready for it!I'm excited for the weather to change and nature to change with it. Today I decided to share my insight on some trends I have noticed that will be sticking around for the fall time as well as some new trends that will be coming in just for fall. Okay, so starting with previous trends that will be sticking .
1)Neon-From shoes, blouses, and skirts to nail polishes, bags, and all other accesories the neon trend was everywhere this summer and like myself, I'm sure all of you gave in at least once. For the fall, unlike how it was worn in the summer, neon is to be used more subtly. Instead of wearing a neon blouse for fall you should tone it down and let your neon add just a pop of color to your outfit. For example, wear all black and carry a neon clutch or wear neon pumps. You can even go as subtle as just having a neon nail polish. So when it comes to wearing neon in the fall remember: less is more! 2)Peplum- My question is, who HASN'T jumped on the peplum train this summer?? You see peplum shirts, peplum dresses, peplum skirts-peplum was added to whatever it could be added to! This trend has been so popular mainly because of the flattering figure it gives of when you wear it. It gives the illusion of a bigger top and a more slim waist. To rock the peplums for fall, you mainly have to pay attention to the color peplum you choose and the cut of the peplum. You can always play it safe by sticking to the ever classic black and white colors and of course any darker colors because we are talking about fall. As for the cut, steer clear of the assymetrical peplum because even a cute cardigan or peacoaat can't make that look wearable during fall. 3)Spikes- The spike trend is by far my favorite and I'm so glad that it will be sticking as we transition into a different season. There really is not wrong way to go with the spike trend. Adding it to your wardrobe instantly gives a sense of rough and toughness.
Now onto the new trends for fall. Military- The military style is a must for the fall. The forrest green and khaki colors that come with it are what make it an essentials for the fall. When adding military to your closet you can go as crazy as you want. I, personally,  would invest in a cute military style jacket and a pair of military boots--the bonus of the boots is that you can find a pair with or without  a heel! My final trend observation for the fall is Leather! Like the spike trend, leather will with out a doubt add that tough feeling to anything you pair it with. You can also play the leather down to give it a softer look. So if you're not into looking so rough but want to try out the leather trend I would pair it with the more dark purple and red colors and if you prefer the edgier look go wild! Pair your leather with spikes, dark green colors, or a dark smokey eye!

                                                                                                   xoxo -Urssula


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